Psycho-sexual evaluation of Patience Perez may not be used as evidence in Beach sentencing

Posted at 4:18 PM, Aug 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-06 17:32:03-04

A former Virginia Beach school worker had a bit of a legal victory during a court hearing on Wednesday. However, Patience Perez will still have to answer for her crimes after sleeping with a middle school student last year.

The psycho-sexual evaluation of Patience Perez used as evidence in her Norfolk sentencing hearing may not be considered as evidence in her Virginia Beach sentencing.

A Virginia Beach judge ruled in favor of Perez's lawyer's motion, asking the judge to stop Beach prosecutors from getting that evaluation from the doctor who assessed Perez for the Norfolk case.

The document is sealed in her Norfolk court case on indecent liberties charges there.

The former Beach school worker faced the same charges in Virginia Beach after evidence showed she and a 15-year-old student slept together together in both cities last year.

Earlier this year, judges in both cities found her guilty but delayed Perez's sentencing until next year, each saying they needed more time and information to render a decision.

"She got in my head. You know, nobody really knows how that feels until it happens to them," the teen said.

The teen says all the waiting on a final decision for Perez's punishment makes it tough to move on.

"My emotions are everywhere. I'm feeling confused, sad, angry. I'm just everywhere," he said.

A NewsChannel 3 investigation revealed Perez admitted to the affair with the Renaissance Academy student, where she was an assistant security guard.

In an interview after her arrest, she said of the 15-year-old -- "He made me happy. He would make me smile. I've always seen it as age is just a number."

Despite her admissions, Perez has not officially been punished for her crimes.

Our cameras were not allowed in court today. Perez and her attorneys have not responded to our questions for comment about the case. Judges in both Norfolk and Virginia Beach are supposed to issue final decisions on her sentencing next spring.

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