Women claim Virginia Beach party planner ruined their events, owes them money

Posted at 11:10 PM, Sep 26, 2014

Virginia Beach, Va. - Timia Smith seemed to have a picture perfect graduation party this Spring.

"It`s one of the biggest days of your life," said the Suffolk teenager.

Behind the scenes were images of burnt food and an unexplained bottle of wine near the party planner's supplies tainted her big day.

"I didn`t pay almost $2,000 for my party to look like this," she said.

Navy wife Temieka Boothe wanted a stress free wedding day, but she told NewsChannel 3 it was anything but that.

"She nearly ruined my wedding," Boothe said.

Both women are complaining about Virginia Beach event planner Nicole Vaughan of Breathtaking Events. Vaughan said her business is now bankrupt because of their complaints and court actions.

A contract for Smith's party shows her mother paid Vaughan nearly $2,000 for top notch services including catered food, fresh flowers and a professional birthday cake. But Smith said much of the food was burned, she got fake flowers and what appeared to be a homemade cake.

"Where`s the money for my flowers? That`s hundreds of dollars. where`s the money for my cake? That`s hundreds of dollars," Smith said.

Smith also said Vaughan left the party and did not come back.

"She was in her car sleep," said Smith. "Seat all the way back. Knocked out. Windows down. Sleep."

Vaughan sent Timia's mother an email apologizing for what happened and promised to refund her by July 8, 2014. When that day came and went, the Smiths filed a civil claim in Suffolk court, and a judge ruled in their favor. Vaughan did not show to defend herself.

Boothe said she found Vaughan through Groupon and hired her for her wedding on a Virginia Beach military base. Boothe said she gave Vaughan nearly $300 to pay one of the vendors, but to the vendor never received the money.

"I had to pay the vendor out of pocket so he wouldn`t come after me legally," said Boothe. "She never made the payment. She never refunded me my money."

Boothe has filed complaints with the Virginia Beach police department and the Better Business Bureau.

"At this point I want justice," Boothe said.

NewsChannel 3 learned Vaughan is on the hook for rent at her now empty office space in Virginia Beach. NewsChannel 3 also made several attempts to get her side of the on camera. She did speak with NewsChannel 3 over the phone and sent a statement via Facebook.

As for Smith's party, she said "I completed the event, but Mrs. Smith was unhappy with the finished product. I apologized to Mrs. Smith and offered her a partial refund. She was not happy with the amount I offered, and demanded the entire amount paid as a refund."

As for falling asleep in the car during Smith's party, she said Smith was aware of an ongoing medical condition she is facing.

When it comes to Boothe's wedding, she said "I accidentally gave money intended for one vendor to another.

"I contacted the vendor I accidentally gave the payment to and was not successful in getting back the two hundred and eighty dollars. Less than a week later, I was involved in a serious accident. As a result of the accident and several other small incidents, I was forced to shut down my business."

Vaughan went on to say "I have no reason to "scam" anyone or steal anything. I am a good person with good intentions."

NewsChannel 3 asked Vaughan to provide contact information for satisfied clients, but we did not receive that from her. We did find some positive reviews online for Vaughan. We also found negative ones in addition to Smith and Boother's complaints.

Vaughan said she is a mother of four with a husband who was injured on the job, and does not know when she can pay the women back. She would not say if she is still providing party planning services under a different business name.