Hampton Roads native loses 140 pounds

Posted at 4:43 AM, Feb 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-09 06:45:12-05

More than three years ago, losing weight seemed impossible to Lindsey M. Adams.

"I was 300 plus pounds when I got on the scale at 5`5 " and I was 23 years old," said Adams.  "I most definitely thought it was impossible and so I had a scripture.  Luke 1:37.  With God nothing shall be impossible."

Now, Adams says her 140 pound weight loss is proof that anything is possible.

"I've been maintaining for a year and it took two and half years [to lose the weight]," said Adams.  "My motto is breaking free of the bondage of obesity."

The Hampton Roads native has made it her life's mission to encourage others to do the same,  because she knows how important a positive push is along the way.

"I didn`t have the mindset, the hope or the encouragement to do it myself," she explained.

One of her mentors took action to help kick start her journey.

"They gave me their pair of gym shoes," said Adams. "And came with me on my local track where we walked for one hour three days a week.

Adams said she also made a plan at the beginning to help her win at weight loss.

"My goal is to lose one pound every single week for 30 months," she said of her plan at the beginning of her journey.  "I couldn`t think that it was going to happen, but I saw myself losing that one pound, and losing that one pound, which equaled 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 50 pounds, which made the vision clearer along the way."

Adams said she also changed her relationship with food by  focusing on calories and portion control.  She said she also changed the way she felt about herself.

"Self-affirmations are important. Structure is important," said Adams.  "Not a diet.  A new lifestyle, and sacrifices along the way."

"You have to start," said Adams.  "If you are being motivated, this is the moment!  You are being called to something.  This isn`t just circumstance or happenstance."

"Once you actually start taking care of your body, everything else starts to align together," said Adams.  "And everything you do is so worth it."