Portsmouth woman loses 100 pounds despite tough obstacles

Posted at 10:34 AM, Feb 24, 2015

Portsmouth, Va. - Beth Prever has pushed past some tough obstacles to lose 100 pounds over the last two years.

"If I could do it at 50, with a fake hip, then I feel like anybody can get out there and at least try," Prever said.

Prever had hip replacement surgery in 2011.  It took her nearly a year to learn how to walk again.

"I had continued to put on weight the whole time I was struggling with that pain," said Prever.  "So I just decided I`m going to hire a trainer."

"Went my first day in the gym, walked out of there crying," said Prever of her first workout in March of 2013.  "I couldn`t even do a leg lift."

Beth's fitness level has skyrocketed since that first day.  She now competes in races and is a member of CrossFit 757.  She also changed her eating habits and follows a mostly Paleo diet.

"There have been a million days that I have cried," said Prever.  "It`s so emotional.  The whole journey has been emotional."

"You just have to believe in yourself," she said.  "You`ve got to get out there.  You`ve got to try.  You`ve got to give it 100 percent."