Dolphin tours canceled in Virginia Beach after guide spots 9-foot bull shark

Posted at 10:50 PM, Jun 16, 2015


Virginia Beach, Va. -Guided kayak tours for dolphin-watching were canceled Tuesday after a shark was spotted in the waters of the North End in Virginia Beach.

Chesapean Outdoors tells NewsChannel that one of their guides spotted a 9-foot bull shark while out on a tour.

The group was out on Tuesday morning looking at dolphins when the tour guide saw the shark trailing the dolphins.

“I saw a shark fin trailing a pond of dolphins 10-15 meters behind them,” says Cam Fullmer, who has spent many summer days guiding tourists and locals off the northend of Virginia Beach to see the dolphins.

They came off the water and cancelled their noon tour.

Fullmer says he has seen sharks off Virginia Beach before but at the time, he did not know how big it was.

“The customers were focused on the dolphins while I was watching the shark,” says Fullmer.

The tours resumed on Wednesday but the owner says tour guides will keep their eyes peeled for any shark activity and will cancel additional tours if needed.