NewsChannel 3 morning anchor’s weight loss journey in national magazine

Posted at 11:39 AM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 17:11:36-05

NewsChannel 3 morning anchor Jessica Larchehas been sharing her fitness journey with viewers for years, and now Woman's Day magazine is sharing her 100-pound weight loss nationwide!

The heart-health issue hit stands Thursday night, and features Jessica along with two other women who also started their 100-pound weight loss journeys by walking.

Womans Day Cover

Teri Arnold with the Hampton Roads Chapterof the American Heart Association submitted Jessica's story to the magazine last year.  In November, Woman's Day flew Jessica and the other cover ladies to Los Angeles for a photo shoot to celebrate their success.

joaj special5

Jessica had to keep the news under wraps until the issue hit stands.  Here's what she shared on her Facebook page about this milestone in her journey:

It has been so hard keeping this a secret, but I can finally announce why I went to Los Angeles a few months ago!

Woman's Day Magazine's heart health issue is featuring weight loss success stories, and they've included my 100-pound weight loss journey! On top of that, I am on the cover with two amazing women who have lost more than 100 pounds each!!!! The issue hit stores in some states early, but they should be everywhere by Tuesday, January 12. I haven't even seen a copy yet LOL!

This is so surreal. I would never have imagined that the physical and emotional pain I felt at 267 pounds 5 years ago would serve a bigger purpose one day. This journey for joaj special4better health and fitness is a lifelong one that's filled with good days, bad days, ups and downs. Food is really good, and working out is really hard lol. What keeps me going is a promise I made to God in 2012 after a very scary high blood pressure diagnosis. I promised Him that I would treat my body better and make Him proud through better eating and exercise. I am so grateful I finally listened to God's message a few yeas ago. Today is a milestone I thought I would only experience in my dreams.

I cannot say thanks enough to Teri Arnold with the American Heart Association - Hampton Roads for submitting my journey to Woman's Day. You are a superhero who is saving lives, one message at a time. Thank you for believing in my journey.

For all of you who have prayed with and for me, encouraged me and loved me, worked out with me or tasted one of my healthy meal experiments -- THANK YOU! This is the product of what God's love from family, friends and supporters looks like. We are all on this cover!

I pray my ongoing story can help someone who was in my shoes. You deserve to live a healthy life. Choose to love. Choose life."


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