Confession: I’ve never been snow sledding

Posted at 11:27 AM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 11:27:46-05

I’m a grown man with a problem: I’ve never been snow sledding.

I didn’t even realize it was a problem until Friday morning, when talking with co-workers about the monster snow storm headed this way. NewsChannel 3 reporter Brendan Ponton, whose hair is always perfect, reminisced about sledding as a child in Maryland. Others soon chimed in. They started laughing and pointing. Especially Brendan. I suddenly realized I was the odd man out. How could this be?

It should be obvious to anyone who has seen my coverage in the past, that I don’t know the first thing about fun in the snow. Check out what happened when I found some kids making snowballs during a snowstorm in 2010:

Growing up in South Louisiana, snow was something you saw in the movies. Once, we got about six snowflakes and the city shut down for a week. So, I’m covered for a childhood excuse. But, I’ve lived in Virginia for nine years now. Even though when it snows, I’m usually working at NewsChannel 3, that’s more than enough time to have tried my luck on a sled.

So, I turn to you. The next time we get enough snow to break out the sleds, can I tag along? I’m probably going to be horrible at it, but at least you’ll get a good laugh.  Then, maybe Brendan will stop making fun of me.