VB native’s excess skin removed on TLC reality show

Posted at 5:35 AM, Jan 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-27 05:35:53-05

Fans all over the world have watched Lindsey M. Adams’ 140-pound weight loss journey on YouTube and social media, but nearly 20 pounds of excess skin left behind left her unmotivated and unhappy. Now, TLC’s new reality show “Skin Tight” is documenting the process to remove what her massive weight loss left behind.

"I want to look like what I worked for," said Lindsey in a commercial for her episode debuting Wednesday night at 10pm on TLC.  The show follows the Virginia Beach native as she endures several surgeries leading up to a big reveal in front of family and friends in Norfolk.

Lindsey is inviting people who struggle with obesity to join her for a viewing party.  It is being held in Norfolk Wednesday night at 9pm at the Azaela Inn 2344 East Little Creek Road.