This family has fire in their blood

Posted at 11:31 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 23:31:43-05

They have fire in their blood. They’re a family of firefighters.

Lt. Charles ‘Buzzy’ Stowell with the Richmond Fire Department, Chip & Chris Stowell of the Richmond Fire Department, Keith Andes RFD Union President, and Kellie Stowell also from the Richmond Fire Department.

Lt. Charles “Buzzy” Stowell grew up watching his father be one of the best and bravest in Hampton.

His dad died of a heart attack on his way to work three months before he was going to retire.

Even knowing the dangers, Buzzy couldn't wait to be a firefighter just like him.

Three of his boys followed in the family footsteps.

The fourth might too when he's done jumping out of airplanes for the 82nd Airborne.

Two of them are doing something Buzzy would have loved... Working with their dad as a firefighter.

Chris and chip grew up watching their dad and others in the stowell family risk their lives.

Chip and his younger brother chris both work at fire stations in richmond.

They're brothers.

So you know there's trash talking.

But there's also concern, when they know the other has responded to a call.

While buzzy knew his sons had firefighting in their blood, his good friend keith andes... A retired firefighter himself and president of the local union... Was certain his daughter was going to be a nurse.

Until the day she dropped by the office.

Family means a lot to a firefighter.

Chris is reminded of his every time he opens his locker.

You might recognize his wife.

You see, he's married to Kellie.

"We went and got hired together, went to the Academy. A few years later we got married." "You left out a lot in between." "Yeah, I left out a lot in between,” says Chris.

An entire family working together as firefighters and buzzy is hoping this is just the beginning.