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Virginia Beach mail carrier saves the day!

Posted at 6:04 PM, Aug 23, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Retired Marine Colonel Pasquale Cacace, known as Pat,  lives on a friendly little corner in Sandbridge.

“We live in a neighborhood where we all look out for each other." said Pat's wife, Ningie.

And that includes the mailman.

"He’s friendly, he’s happy, we consider him family,” she said.

Two weeks ago, mailman Drew DePeter stopped at Colonel Cacace’s house like he does every day to chat for a few minutes.

“Drew noticed that Pat’s speech was off and that he was just not right," said Kathryn Dozier, a neighbor.

Pat said, “he figured I wasn’t my normal self, he hollered at Kenny and Kenny hollered at Nicole and this is a good little neighborhood we all take care of each other and everybody went into action.”

Luckily Nicole Roper who lives across the street is a longtime member of the Volunteer Rescue squad and jumped in to help save Pat, who was having a stroke.

Now that Pat is out of the hospital, these close-knit neighbors wanted to thank their perceptive postal carrier and our partners at Southern Bank gave him a $300 gift card!

Even still, Drew doesn’t think he did anything heroic, he says he was just being a friend.

“ I see him everyday and we talk every day and there was something not right and I told the neighbors and the neighbors helped out too it wasn’t just me. It was a group neighborly thing to do," Drew said.