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Beach mom takes action to give back to the Red Cross

Posted at 7:04 PM, Sep 06, 2016

The American Red Cross location at Pembroke mall in Va. Beach is busy and that’s a good thing. In Hampton roads alone, 600 pints of blood a day are needed to meet the demand and to save lives.

No one knows that better than Virginia Beach resident and new mom Katie Niehoff.  Donations like this saved her life

“When my son was born last August, I lost my body’s volume in blood and had to receive 14 units in order to survive the delivery and to keep him safe.”

So grateful for the help and life-saving blood, she knew right away she wanted to  give back.

" From the time we were still in the hospital we made the decision that we were going to organize a blood drive and do what we could to give back what was given to us.”

And Chris Adams with the Red Cross is grateful Katie decided to get involved.  "She not only donates blood herself but she runs blood drives gathering people together to donate blood.”

Katie thought were just interviewing for a story on the Red Cross but that was not all.

During her interview we surprised her with a People Taking Action Award and she was truly shocked.

"Thank you so much!"

We also presented her with a  300 dollar gift certificate from our partner Southern Bank.

I asked her what she was going to do with the 300 dollars and I wasn’t surprised at her answer.

"We’ll have to find a good way to give back.”

Congratulations to Katie on her award and her new bundle of joy!