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Top Cop Award: Norfolk Airport Police Department

Posted at 10:28 PM, Oct 27, 2016

Norfolk, Va. - When you're making your way through the Norfolk International Airport, getting to your gate on time is top of mind, but it's Sgt. Albert D'Amico who keeps his eye on your safety before you hit the skies.

"It brings a good feeling to me to continue to assist the community," he said.

Sgt. D'Amico spent 26 years in the Norfolk Police Department.  He joined the Norfolk Airport Police Department in 2010.

"As time has gone by, I`ve built relationships here," said D'Amico.  "When they see the uniform, I believe that`s a sense of security and safety and I think it eases the general public`s mind."

The sergeant is responsible for field training and helping new airport officers learn the ropes.  He said his biggest joy comes from being there when people need him.

"People that are down and out, I like being there to help them," he said.

He wondered to his wife and kids if that was enough to earn the Top Cop Award for the Norfolk Airport Police Department.

"I said I don`t know if I deserve this, and they gave me thumbs up and said, no, you work hard," he said.

The Norfolk Airport Police Department's chief said Sgt. D'Amico's high level of integrity and commitment make Hampton Roads a safer place to live and visit.