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People Taking Action: Fighting for the environment in Hampton Roads

Posted at 6:24 PM, Nov 22, 2016

We live in a beautiful area, miles of sandy shoreline, beautiful waterways,  and scenic parks.

Keeping the area in pristine shape can be challenging. That’s where the work of the Sierra Club comes in.

One club member in particular has made it her mission to make sure the area we call home stays beautiful.

Michelle Ballard Diamond has put in more than 50 hours on a parade float for the holiday parade in Norfolk  to make sure everyone knows about the environmental group and its mission. This is just a small part of her volunteer efforts trying to keep Hampton Roads clean and healthy.

“Michelle's the kind of volunteer that you can call on and know that shes gonna come out and help regardless of what the issue is or what she has  going on," says Zach Jarjoura, Sierra Club media coordinator.

So I surprised Michelle as she was decorating the holiday float for this year's parade. "We at channel 3 are giving you a people taking action award for all of your hard working helping protect the environment and the beautiful place we live in.”

Needless to say she was shocked when we showed up with the award.

“Oh wow!! Oh my gosh!!”

Michelle was very humble, "Its for the kids of course and its Christmas time but its for the earth, its for our planet.”

You don’t have to volunteer countless hours like Michelle to make a difference.

"If you see something don’t walk past it, don’t flick your cigarette butts out just take a couple of seconds and pick up after yourself or somebody else, its not that big a deal," Michelle says.

"In addition to your People Taking Action Award, our partner Southern Bank would like to give you a $300 gift certificate.”

And she immediately gave Southern Bank a shout out!

"How are you doing Southern Bank, thank you so much!”

Michelle already told me she will give her reward money back into helping protect and preserve Mother Earth.

“Thank you so much!  You're certainly welcome!”