Virginia Beach City Manager answers questions, concerns over proposed Atlantic Ave. change

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jan 12, 2017

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - City Manager Dave Hansen stood in front of dozens inside the Virginia Beach Convention Center Thursday night fielding questions about the proposed redesign of Atlantic Avenue.

The proposal would eliminate the connection of Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Avenue where the resort end of the oceanfront meets the residential north end.

It's in response to possible traffic issues brought on by the in-progress Cavalier development project.

Many who came out to the Thursday meeting are concerned the reconfiguration would cause traffic problems on its own. Hansen also addressed questions regarding the $2.4 million he says the city is prepared to spend on the project.

He says tax revenue would pay back the city within one year and millions more in following years.

"We thought it was important for the entire city to get exposed to what the arrangements would be," said Hansen.

Hansen recognizes concerns about safety and parking.

"It will actually enhance the ability of pedestrians to cross Atlantic Avenue," he said. "You'll be reducing some on-street parking. That has some businesses concerned and we'll have a responsibility to figure out how to work that out."

Hansen says the reconfiguration needs city council approval before it can move forward.