LaRoy Reynolds likes it “ruff”

Posted at 10:55 PM, Feb 01, 2017

HOUSTON, Texas - The four-legged officers keeping Super Bowl 51 safe aren't the only dogs here in Houston with their minds ... and their mouths on the explosive.

"Eat dog, eat!" That's the rally cry of Falcons linebacker and Norfolk native LaRoy Reynolds.

"I lose my voice every week," Reynolds admitted. "I'm just trying to rally the guys, get them going and bring juice to the team."

Falcons linebacker LaRoy Reynolds

Falcons linebacker LaRoy Reynolds

And that juice has been loose since his days playing for coach Dealton Cotton at Maury High School.

"He has always been high-energy," Cotton recalled. "That's the easiest way to say it. He's a person that's going to go full-speed all the time."

Like a dog, LaRoy had to fetch an opportunity in the NFL. Undrafted out of Virginia, Reynolds, the fourth year pro, is on his third team in three years.

"If you really want something, you have to work for it," Reynolds revealed. "Just being in this league and being around these guys and this organization has helped me be myself."

Even if that "self" wears jersey number 53, but sounds like a K-9.