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Need help filing your taxes? Chesapeake volunteer says no problem!

Posted at 8:53 PM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 20:53:12-05

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Lately you can hear the clicking of a keyboard at Great Bridge Presbyterian Church.  At least two days a week, it could be Frank Brothers entering numbers for people who come to get their taxes done by the AARP volunteer.

No its not the Chesapeake resident's job but he is working, for other people, for free.

"Four days a week he’s helping people do their taxes and he’s a person who has a lot of patience,” says his fellow volunteer Larry Johnson.

And while the program is mainly to help seniors with their taxes, everyone is welcome.

"There are young families that come in that really can’t afford to spend 2-300 dollars for their tax return and we can do it free for them,” says Brothers. "We give them a copy and e-file it and they readily get their refund.”

Every tax season for more than a decade, Brothers helps around 1500 people get their taxes filed for free. He thought we were here to talk about the AARP program but instead News 3 surprised Brothers with a PTA award.

"We would like to honor you with a people taking action award for everything that you’ve done we appreciate it and I know your community appreciates it,” we said.

And its obvious volunteering is a way of life for this retired Chesapeake School Administrator.

"If you can reach out and help people that’s what life’s about,” Brothers said.

And we also presented him with a visa gift card from our partner Southern Bank.

Johnson nominated Brothers for the award, "He give and shares and we very grateful to have him here," he said.

As we were ready to leave, *we* were surprised to find out, it was Brothers' birthday!

"Now we call this burying the lead story, when ya miss something like this. Today’s your birthday?" we asked.

Brothers said, "Yep and I did taxes!”

Now that’s dedication!!