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People Taking Action: local woman gives a voice to abandoned pets!

Posted at 8:59 PM, Feb 21, 2017

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - She is passionate about saving the lives of abandoned pets.

It is something Eileen Jewett does 24-7!

Her friend, Anna Blaum organized a plan so News 3 could surprise Eileen with a People Taking Action award at a Chesapeake PetSmart.

Friends, family, and furry friends gathered in the aisles of the store near Chesapeake Square Mall for the big surprise.

Moments after she walked in, the crowd yelled "Surprise!" Eileen, who brought in one of her foster dogs to be adopted, was stunned.

It was an email from Anna that brought out the News 3 cameras to honor Eileen. Anna read a portion of that email,  "Eileen Jewett is a human dynamo when it comes to rescuing, fostering, nurturing, raising and loving homeless cats and dogs."

Hollie Owens-Collins, founder of Ruff Road Pet Rescue, points out how Eileen helps to save lives of abandoned pets, "If we don't have a foster home open, we can't pull an animal from the shelter. We typically pull animals from death row; they're getting ready to be euthanized for space, because there's not room at the shelter. She's always the one when I'm getting a plea to help this animal, she's always the one who says 'yes'."

Eileen stresses this is all a team effort and it's just something she is really passionate about. "It is--- they don't have a voice. I believe they have personalities and souls just like we do---they need help."

Her friends point out in total Eileen has saved hundreds of animals from being euthanized. Hannah Adams, president of the Suffolk Humane Society, says Eileen just has a big heart. "She's just a great person and giving and thinks of everyone else before herself."

Which is why News 3 presented her with a People Taking Action award along with a $300 Visa gift card from News 3's community partner Southern Bank.

Eileen was very grateful and surprised, "Wow! That is awesome! I know some feral cats that can really use this."