Local jeweler believes personal and family challenges make him a better candidate for Congress

Posted at 9:46 PM, Jan 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 06:37:21-05

NORFOLK, Va. - A local jeweler is being very open and honest about his life and why he wants to run for Congress.

David Nygaard  is among several Democrats hoping to win a chance to  win the seat currently held by Republican Scott Taylor to represent the second congressional district. Nygaard sat down with News 3's Kurt Williams and shared why he's throwing his hat into the political ring.

Kurt Williams: What was it that motivated you to run?

David Nygaard: I'm tired of seeing things not working in Washington and not working locally.

Williams: What do you want voters to know about David Nygaard?

Nygaard: I'm the only candidate running that is currently on Obamacare and I'm passionate about defending healthcare. I'm likely the only candidate who has a son who's a felon who needs his rights restored, so I know what that means firsthand. And I am I am a single dad. I have a pre-existing condition. I'm caring for my father who's a retired Navy veteran.

Williams: I mean you talk very openly about all the issues in your life: your bankruptcy, your marriage failing, now being openly gay, your son's felony record. You talk openly about all of that, do you anticipate that any of that will be used against you by your opponents?

Nygaard: The truth is, that all of these experiences in my life really make me a stronger candidate, so if people want to throw mud at me, I've been completely open, honest and transparent regarding my life. So will it become an issue? Perhaps, but to be honest with you, I think it gives me a new perspective on life. It gives new perspective on how I can serve and gives me the ability to open up and be a better candidate and a better public servant.

Williams: You were a Republican how long, would you say?

Nygaard: I was a long-term Republican, but the Republicans have changed and life has changed me. Perhaps because of my former affiliation with the Republican party, when we get to the general election, I think I'll be a much stronger candidate to run in the second district as a Democrat, against an incumbent Republican.