Williamsburg woman recovering from bacterial meningitis

Posted at 1:51 PM, Jan 26, 2018

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - A woman is recovering at home after spending several days in the hospital due to bacterial meningitis.

Tracey Pesante says earlier this month she thought she'd contracted a stomach bug and believed the massive headache that came with it was just that...a headache.

But it was much worse.

Pesante's husband, Emilio, says the next day he found his wife in the spare bedroom.

"She turned around and she had a blank stare and really couldn't communicate," said Emilio Pesante.

What followed was a trip to the ER and, later, an ICU stay at Riverside Hospital.

Doctors told the Pesantes that Tracey had contracted bacterial meningitis, a potentially deadly brain infection.

"She remained on a ventilator taking heavy doses of medicines and antibiotics to help her sleep for four days," said Pesante. "We were told, had we not rushed to the hospital this could've been a lot worse."

The next week Tracey was able to return home and 11 days later she's still working to get her strength back.

Meanwhile, family and friends have set up a food train for the family and a GoFundMe to help with medical bills.

Pesante says he still doesn't know how his wife contracted meningitis.

"All they said was her immune system must've been down and down pretty low."