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Second grader from Hampton elementary school publishes book about forgiveness

Posted at 11:46 AM, Feb 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 12:52:24-05

Aberdeen Elementary School second grader, Zion H. Veney, hopes to write multiple books, and already has written another that she hopes to publish as well.

HAMPTON, Va. - A second grader from Aberdeen Elementary School in Hampton has set the bar high.

At just seven years old, Zion Veney is a published author.

Her first book, "Diary of A Godly Fairy," reveals the consequences of a little lie.

“I want to teach kids that this is what happens when they tell lies," said Veney.

The book's main character is a fairy named Carleen. The fairy gets herself into a little trouble when she wants to be a “cool fairy," leading her down a road of telling one lie after another. Carleen works to gain back their trust.

Veney's mother said Zion came up with the idea for the book in January.  She said her daughter wrote it in two weeks, while she created the illustrations.

The second grader isn't stopping with one book.  She is writing an entire series of books that feature the fairy Carleen.  She has already written her next book called "The Magic Fairy," which she said was written before "Diary of A Godly Fairy."

A copy of "Diary of A Godly Fairy," can be purchased on  Veney is also hosting a book signing at Heaven and Earth book store in Hampton on April 7.