Local discussion looks for solution to school and church shootings

Posted at 3:32 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 22:19:18-04

SUFFOLK, Va. – Do you have a solution that could help end school and church shootings? Now is your chance to be heard.

Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in Suffolk, the public is invited to attend a special discussion on gun violence. Non-profit ABetterSociety.Info Inc. is hosting the talk.

It comes two months after a mass shooting at a Florida high school left 17 dead and led to gun debates nationwide.

A number of local threats immediately followed the incident in Florida.

Instead of a forum where a panel of experts speaks to an audience, ABetterSociety.Info Inc. Founder Joseph Bass tells News 3 he wants this discussion to be among the people who show up.

He says some facts will be presented first, so opinions can be informed.

According to the non-profit’s website, ABetterSociety.Info Inc. is “meant to help people think about social problems different from conventional points of view.”

The discussion will be at the Ruritan Club at 8881 Eclipse Dr. in Suffolk.