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One Tank Trip: Smithfield

Posted at 6:30 AM, May 10, 2018
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This week, Blaine and Jessica are sharing quick getaways for families in Hampton Roads that are one tank of gas away. Watch their adventures in the 6am hour of News 3 This Morning!

 SMITHFIELD, Va. – The third adventure on our “One Tank Trip” takes us about 30 miles northwest of Norfolk to Smithfield, known as the small town with southern charm.

Picturesque pigs

When you drive into Smithfield’s Main Street, you will be greeted by the historic “Porcine Parade.”  Each of the eight life-size statues is painted by local artists, and represents pieces of Smithfield’s past.  They were donated by the world famous Smithfield Farms.  Kids (and adults) can have fun finding them on a scavenger hunt while in town.  It’s a free adventure everyone can enjoy.  Learn more:

Peanuts, ham and history

The Isle of Wight County Museum is home to the world’s oldest peanut and ham.  It also showcases some of our nation’s oldest artifacts from the Civil War in a mock archaeological dig.  Families can learn about the history of Smithfield before, and why peanuts paved the way for the booming ham business there today.  Admission is free for children 17 and under, and only $2 for adults.  Learn more:

The Schoolhouse Museum

There’s a modest white house on Main Street that holds a world of history.

The Smithfield Schoolhouse Museum is a revitalized model of the Christian Home School, one of places where black children were allowed to get their education in the early 1900s.  Built in 1924 in the Chuckatuck area of Isle of Wight County, the school was home to grades one through seven.  They were all taught by one teacher in one room.

The museum houses the actual books the students read, the small chalkboards they used during class, and even makeshift toys and cups.  Visitors from all walks of life leave the museum with a lesson in history and gratitude.  Admission is free. Learn more:

Family fun

If you’re looking for something to get your heart pumping, head to Windsor Castle Park!  Enjoy a kayak launch, walking trails, mountain bike trails, dog park, natural playscape and fishing pier.  Admission is free. Learn more:

More to explore

The Smithfield and Isle of Wight Convention and Visitors Bureau has made enjoying their town affordably and easy to plan.  Check out this link to learn more!

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