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People Taking Action: N.C. school volunteer makes helping out sweet

Posted at 6:34 PM, Jun 05, 2018

CURRITUCK CO., N.C. - Students at Currituck County High school in North Carolina just finished final exams and they are ready to get their summer started.

Instead of bolting out the door, many of them stayed late to see their favorite volunteer honored for her dedication.

Meme Booth has no idea we were there to give her a People Taking Action award.

Meme started volunteering at the school when her grandson was in kindergarten 23 years ago and she hasn’t stopped.

Teacher Tammy Cooper says Meme is like everyone's grandmother.

“Meme comes out and volunteers at this school every day," Tammy said. “I don’t know what we’d do without her. She helps with testing, she helps with watching a class so teachers can go do other things they need to do.”

For the students like Journey Nieman, she’s like a family member.

“She’s just the most loving sweet person, I can come in in a bad mood and see Miss Meme and it’s all smiles from then," Journey said.

There's no doubt Meme’s volunteering has made her part of the fabric of this school community but she’s most known for something else.

I had heard that she's made as many as 5,800 brownies while she's been at the school this year alone.

My math was wrong.

"In two weeks, I’ve made almost 7,000," according to the petite lady with the big smile.

And students tell me that "Meme brownies" are quite the commodity as people sell them for $5 a piece.

"What is in them that makes them so good? " I asked. Her answer? "Lots and lots of different types of chocolate and a lot of love.”

“It's amazing the love she has for us. She takes care of us; she really is like our grandma," said Journey.

In addition to our People Taking Action award, News 3 also presented Meme with a $300 gift card from our community partner, Southern Bank.

“She's gonna turn around and make us brownies with that!" Tammy chimed in.

The large crowd of students and teachers could be heard cheering for her as she accepted her honors.

“Let's go Miss Meme!" they cheered.