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Chesapeake teen shows his colors: Red, white and blue

Posted at 6:09 PM, May 28, 2019

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - 13-year-old Charlie Hecht has been a little busier than usual after school.

We caught up with the 7th grader a few weeks ago handing out fliers in his Chesapeake neighborhood - 250, in fact, encouraging people to go to Lowe’s a buy an American flag at a discount: $8 instead of $9.97.


Charlie Hecht receives his People Taking Action award

“When I was riding my bike around, I noticed there weren’t a lot of American flags," Charlie said.

So, he came up with the "Patriotism Project."

“We’re trying to get people to hang or fly more American flags outside of their houses to inspire patriotism and to say thank you to the people who are giving back to our community," he explained.

And now he and Navy dad Cdr. Dave Hecht are making signs to remind neighbors to fly the red, white and blue proudly - especially around the Memorial Day holiday.

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“He understands that he wants to be part of a project bigger than himself. That is step one in the making of a patriot," Cdr. Hecht told us.

Since this young guy is on the move so much, we had to sneak up on him in his backyard before he took to the streets again. We surprised him with a People Taking Acting award and a $300 Visa gift card from our community partner, Southern Bank.

Charlie was very thankful.

“I actually getting a little choked up hearing you talk to him. I am very proud. He’s a good boy. He’s very patriotic," his father said.

When asked what he's going to do with all the money, Charlie replied he's probably going to buy more American flags.

In fact, Charlie and his dad have been talking about buying a flag pole and flag for the place where they hold the neighborhood HOA meetings.

“I have no doubt that he’ll go to the HOA board meeting next week and do just that," Cdr. Hecht said. "He really means it. He’s very dedicated to this project.”

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