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Thinking of growing a beard? Here’s how to keep things nice and clean

Posted at 5:29 AM, Oct 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 12:55:57-04

NORFOLK, Va. - No-Shave November is a time when men grow out their beards to raise awareness for those who lose their hair when fighting cancer.

It can also be the start of a new era for the face, but for those who plan to keep their beard around when November ends, keeping it maintained is key.

Caitlyn Perkins, a stylist at Supercuts on Colley Ave. in Norfolk's Ghent neighborhood, gave News 3 a few things bearded guys should remember:

  • First, be sure you can have facial hair at your job. Some industries might not allow it!
  • Have a small pair of scissors and a comb to trim it up.
  • Trim a few times a week to maintain the length and shape. If you have a long beard, it may take daily maintenance to ensure you don’t have stray ends.
  • Be careful not to overtrim! You could end up with an uneven length.
  • If your beard is really tangled, you can get it wet with water or use a detangling spray.
  • It’s also important guys still shave their necks under their beard and their cheeks to keep their facial hair looking sharp in the workplace.
  • Beard hair can start to feel very coarse if it’s not washed. It can also smell from food trapped in there!
  • For the most part, products that are safe to use on your hair are typically also safe for your beard as well.
  • Using a beard conditioning cream will help condition the skin underneath your beard, as well as smooth the hair out.

Remember, the most important thing is keeping your facial hair nice, fresh and clean.

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