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People Taking Action: Surprising ‘The Queen Mother’ with a People Taking Action Award!

Posted at 6:17 PM, Dec 17, 2019

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -  Her nickname is 'The Queen Mother' and News 3 is about to surprise her with a People Taking Action award.

On the evening we're about to surprise her, she's helping organize gifts that are being wrapped at the offices of Joy Ministries in Virginia Beach.

The non-profit is gathering of gifts for 1,000 kids in need across Hampton Roads. Now this is on top of the year-round mission of educational and mentoring programs Joy Ministries provides in various at risk communities.

The founder of the organization, Danette Crawford, wanted to put the spotlight on one pivotal person, Alexine Jones 'The Queen Mother' has been a part of our team for 15 years.

"Alexine has worked closely with numerous single moms through our life changing programs for single moms," explained Crawford. "In addition, Alexine has mentored various youth from low income neighborhoods that have gone on to successfully graduate high school and are now pursuing professional careers."

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So for those reasons, News 3 presented 'The Queen Mother' with a People Taking Action award, along with a $300 Visa gift card from our community partner Southern Bank.

Alexine was nearly speechless and very grateful as she fought back tears, getting very emotional, "I have been, because it's great to know that you can do this, even at my age." She has been involved with Joy Ministries for 15 years, "It's rewarding! I love doing what I do. I love it!"

But I did have to ask her, where does the nickname 'The Queen Mother' come from?

"Danette started calling me that four year, five years ago." And Danette quickly added there's good reason, "Let me tell you, I might be the boss but she's the queen! Once you hit 70--she's been faithful all these years, she gets to call the shots! And let me tell you 'The Queen Mother will tell you like it is and some of these kids, they just need to know there's somebody that loves em and set em straight and 'The Queen Mother will do just that."

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