Protesters in Norfolk continue to spread their message

Posted at 11:34 PM, Jun 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-02 06:04:21-04

NORFOLK, Va. - Protesters filled the streets of Norfolk again Monday, traveling up the Military Highway overpass continuing to spread their message.

One protester who did not want to be identified is calling for systematic change in the police department. She said they want officers to build better relationships in the neighborhoods they work in.

“The don’t know us,” she said. "We don’t trust you because we don’t know you. If more people inside of the community decided to take the oath and police their community, there would be more of a bond; there would be more of a trust.”

The demonstrators marched peacefully throughout the city. This is day four of protests. It comes after the deadly arrest of George Floyd that sparked calls for justice and unity across multiple cities nationwide.

“Everyone is yelling for their own particular solution that they feel would help, but there is not one solution,” the protester said. “There are multiple solutions.”

A solution is what Mykael Dashiell of Virginia Beach wants people to work toward so they don’t lose sight of what they’re fighting for. He was at the Virginia Beach protest when things went from peaceful to violent.

“A few of the protesters that were out there, I don’t even think they were protesting for the right cause,” Dashiell said. “The whole community has just been bullied and bullied and bullied and now that it’s time to step up, nobody knows what to do. I want to at least try to do my part to get my word out, somebody else's word out. As a community, can we just get our word out and come to a conclusion, and what’s the solution to this? Everybody is pointing out the problem right now, but nobody is coming up with a solution.”