Court documents: Norfolk woman allegedly raped by 2 men after answering door, forced into dog cage after

(R-L) Zyrail L. Mitchell, Dameron Shaikeem Wright, Deandre Ward
Posted at 11:43 AM, Dec 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-09 18:31:20-05

NORFOLK, Va. - A Norfolk woman was allegedly brutally raped by two men after answering a knock at her front door, according to court documents.

News 3 uncovered court documents that reveal what police believe unfolded on October 2.

18-year-old Dameron Shaikeem Wright and Deandre Ward are now facing dozens of charges.

Wright, accused of gun charges, was out on bond. He was one of four people accused of bringing weapons on school property during a football game at Salem High Schoolwhen they played Green Run High School in September.

Police said the two suspects, Wright and Ward, are accused of two home invasions from October 2. They allegedly robbed a young man in Virginia Beach at his apartment and then forced him to take them to his mother’s house.

Court records state that the woman was taking a nap when her son called and said to let him in the house along with a friend.

Wright and Ward are accused of taking turns sexually assaulting her in different rooms of the house. They are also accused of ransacking the home and taking $800 from the woman’s purse and $4,000 that was money she told investigators she was using to save for a new car.

They are also accused of forcing her into a dog cage and covering it with a mattress. They allegedly said if anyone asked, to attribute the attack to a local gang.

Law enforcement in Virginia Beach and Norfolk previously issued information about how they were working together when they arrested two men in connection with separate home invasion robberies.

Police said Wright and Ward were charged with two counts of robbery, two counts of abduction, three counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, conspiracy to commit a felony and armed burglary for the home invasion offense in the City of Virginia Beach.

Wright was out on bond for two counts of possession of a loaded firearm on school property and carrying a loaded firearm with a greater than 20-round capacity related to a Virginia Beach arrest on September 18 at the time of the two home invasion robberies, according to police.

News 3 has put in requests for jailhouse interviews with both suspects. Wright has court on December 7 in Norfolk.

The latest update came on December 9 when a third suspect was reportedly arrested. 20-year-old Zyrail Mitchell is accused of driving the getaway vehicle and was not granted bond, according to police.

Mitchell was charged with robbery, burglary with intent to commit robbery, three counts of abduction and five counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. His lawyer, Eric Korslund, said his client is not guilty and denies being involved at all.

"Mr. Mitchell adamantly denies that. I think his conduct confirms his innocence. He turned himself in and gave a statement denying everything," Korslund said.

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