Months after Deshayla Harris shot at Oceanfront, car towed so police can gather evidence

Deshayla Harris
Posted at 9:19 PM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 21:19:49-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – News 3 Investigates has uncovered new information in the unsolved shooting death of Deshayla Harris.

The reality star was out with friends at the Oceanfront on March 26, 2021, when bullets started flying and she was struck.

Nearly one year later, no one has been arrested in connection with her death.

News 3’s I-Team uncovered new search warrants that point to new evidence about what might have happened that night.

Deshayla’s mom, Elisheba Harris, frequently tends to the memorial she created for her daughter near 19th Street and Atlantic Avenue at the Oceanfront.

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There are plastic flowers, pinwheels and plaques set up to honor the 28-year-old woman who appeared on a season of "Bad Girls Club."

Documents state that Deshayla was struck in the head by a stray bullet and killed.

Elisheba said every day is hard. She said the last time she saw her daughter was a year ago this Sunday on her birthday.

“I just go day by day, hour by hour,” said Elisheba.

She said the grief is enormous and overwhelming at times.

“We’re still mourning, still grieving, and we’re really going through it,” said Elisheba.

Her shooting was the same night that Donovon Lynch was shot and killed by a Virginia Beach Police officer. That investigation is still underway.

Witnesses describe the gunfire as "explosive" that night. Police said there were multiple groups firing shots at each other.

Several other people were injured.

Four men were arrested, but no one is facing charges for Deshayla's death.

The News 3 Investigative Team has uncovered documents that reveal new information.

We've learned that just before midnight near the 300 block of 19th Street that night, gunfire erupted and Deshayla was shot.

Records state a black Audi and Ford Mustang crashed, and an officer witnessed a man backpeddling from the Audi and shooting towards the parking lot.

Documents say everyone fled the scene, and then the owner of the Audi returned to the scene and claimed he wasn't driving during the crash.

The driver said five or six men with masks and guns forced him into his car and were shooting at another group.

The records state he was grazed by a bullet and taken to the hospital.

Documents also stated that a Blue Toyota nearby was struck by a bullet.

News 3 spoke to the owner of the car, who described chaos and terror that night. He said his wife was in the car, and he hit the ground to take cover.

The documents state that he and his wife were detained, then released along with several other people who were at the scene.

The owner of the car did not want to be interviewed but said they had just bought the car two weeks before the shooting and were upset about what happened.

The owner said they got the car repaired but didn't remove the bullet.

Five weeks after the shooting, a detective called asking questions about the repairs made on the car.

Records say they had another interview.

Then, in October, police decided to have the car towed from Hampton for forensic testing.

The owner said he's gotten the car back and was called to testify as a witness to the shootings.

Documents reveal that police believed the Blue Toyota contained evidence important to the murder of Deshayla.

Elisheba Harris said this was the first time she had heard about this part of the investigation.

“I’m grateful. I’m thankful for whatever they’re doing behind the scenes,” said Elisheba.

She said she is especially grateful for one of the lead investigators who stopped by her house last week to provide her with an update.

She said it warmed her heart and she appreciated that this was the second time he stopped by.

News 3 reached out to the Virginia Beach Police Department with several questions about the investigation. They issued the following response: “This is still an active, ongoing investigation. We are not able to answer your questions due to that fact.”

Crime analyst and Former Norfolk Detective Richard James is not connected to this case but analyzed the new information.

“It was late at night, a lot going on. They got the information with the follow-up investigation and the follow-up conversation - that's what it sounds like. They discovered that there may be a bullet fragment in that vehicle,” said James.

He said there is a lot going on with the police investigation that we don't know about and said bullets are vital pieces of evidence.

“They are very, very important part of the investigation. It also shows the recklessness of the person who was actually shooting that night,” said James.

Deshayla’s mom said she appreciates the work done by police, and she's calling on the public to step up to identify the person who killed her daughter.

“We are going to keep going until we get justice,” said Elisheba.

Virginia Beach Crime Solvers is also offering a reward of up to $5,000 for leads in Harris's homicide. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-LOCK-U-UP (1-888-562-5887).

You can also contact ATF at 888-ATF-TIPS (888-283-8477). Information can also be sent to or through ATF’s website.

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