A year later, victim's sister shares last voicemail before Virginia Beach mass shooting

Virginia Beach Strong: Remembering Michelle "Missy" Langer
Posted at 11:23 PM, May 29, 2020

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - "I keep her last message on my phone,” said Debbie Borato.

"Hey Deb, it's me. I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day and your vacation."

These are Missy Langer’s words from the last voicemail she sent her big sister Borato.

The daily phone calls are what kept the bond of two sisters living in different states.

"Sorry I missed your call; I was out running errands,” says Langer in the voicemail.

Borato tells us she misses those calls.

"Our phone calls were our connections."

A missed phone call is also what Borato can’t let go of a year later.

"I regret it. It haunts me, actually,” she adds.

Borato didn’t get a chance to talk to her sister that Friday before a shooter walked into Building 2 of the Virginia Beach Municipal Center and took her life, along with the lives of 11 others.

"I know where he shot her, and that's a vision I think it's hard to get out of your head,” she adds.

Last year, we bumped into Borato at her sister’s memorial. She was supposed to return Friday, but the memories wouldn't let her.

"Sometimes I just feel like the wind is knocked out of me and I just want to hit the floor.”

She says what picks her up sometimes is the love, support and messages she continues to get from her sister's friends who worked with her inside Building 2.

"She just loved her job and loved going to work and seeing her friends there,” Borato adds.

Debbie says May 31 will always be a difficult day, but she prays it gets better.

"They say it gets easier,” she adds.

And if she could do one more thing -

"I want to turn the clock back,” and call her little sister.

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