Burglar targets unlocked cars in Bayview area of Norfolk

Bayview Burglar.png
Posted at 10:53 PM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-15 06:04:12-04

NORFOLK, Va. - Residents in a Norfolk neighborhood say someone is targeting their cars in the early morning hours and stealing valuable items.

"The whole community in this area is getting very frustrated," said Christopher Thomas, who lives in the Bayview area of Norfolk.

Bayview residents say the the burglar is targeting unlocked cars between 3 and 7 a.m. Thomas and his wife say the suspect stole valuable items from their car on Sunday.

"He’s been doing this for the last two months. Our camera actually caught the person going through the vehicle. He stole my wife’s wallet, which had some money in it and all of her IDs. I’m a disabled veteran, so I just refilled all of my prescriptions, and he stole all of them," Thomas said.

A few residents have the suspect on their Ring cameras and say he appears to be the same guy.

"We noticed it was a person wearing Adidas pants, a reflective North Face jacket. He was about 6 feet tall," Thomas said.

"He seems to have North Face brands, a North Face jacket and backpack. He was wearing slides, but he’s also been seen in images with a pair of black and yellow shoes," said Stacey Daniel, who also lives in the Bayview area.

Residents say they are fed up.

"We just feel violated around here. There’s someone going around with a three-mile radius, if not more. Locked or not, it’s our property," Daniel said.

"My wife had left her service pistol in the vehicle, and he happened to take that and he stole a couple of loose dollar bills," Damion Daniel said.

Residents say they have filed police reports, and the Norfolk Police Department says at least five thefts have been reported in the Bayview area within the last few weeks.

"We are still investigating. We have a few reports and there are a few suspect descriptions, but the investigation is ongoing. We always want to make sure they are locking their cars, double-checking," Noel Lipieko, the Public Information Officer for the Norfolk Police Department, said.

One resident says this is a lesson learned.

"We saw him also tapping every door handle, so that’s how we knew he didn’t use any tools or anything to break into the vehicle. This guy was a silent thief. He was a professional," Thomas said.

Some residents who did not want to appear on camera say their wallets were stolen from their cars.