Communities put focus on impact, not category, as 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins

Prepare for hurricane now
Posted at 7:01 AM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-01 11:42:28-04

Up to 21 named storms. Potentially six major hurricanes.

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season started on Wednesday and experts predict it will be another busy one.

We can't be sure what the season holds for Coastal Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, but local communities are preparing for impact whether a storm strikes the area or not.

"Storm surge can come with no winds at all. It can come from afar," said Drew Pearson, Dare County's Director of Emergency Management, in a call with News 3 last month.

Pearson says storm surge — the rising of seawater with a deadly power to wash away people and homes — is the biggest concern for his office in the Outer Banks.

"I think our communities understand that. I don't think our visitors understand it as well," he said. "People need to not focus on the category but focus on what the impact is going to bring."

For inland communities, the impact is more likely wind damage and flooding.

Right now, the City of Virginia Beach is just getting its Flood Protection Program underway — a series of flood mitigation projects across the city expected to take the next decade to complete.

Among the areas seeing construction is the Windsor Woods neighborhood and surrounding streets. Windsor Woods saw devastating flooding with the arrival of Hurricane Matthew in the fall of 2016.

Experts say having an emergency kit ready for hurricane season is also important. It should have:
-Enough food and water for everyone in your family; a 3-day supply is suggested.
-Flashlights and batteries.
-First Aid Kit
-Important Documents, including insurance coverage.

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