Community rallies behind 9-year-old girl finishing cancer chemo treatment

9-year old Kimber finishes chemo treatment for cancer
Posted at 9:42 PM, Nov 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-21 22:52:34-05

NORFOLK, Va. - A surprise parade for 9-year-old Kimber who’s finishing up with chemo treatment for cancer. Kimber has managed to stay strong through it all.

“It’s the first day of my last week of chemo. Yay," Kimber says in an Instagram post.

Family, friends, the Norfolk fire department, and police all driving by to show their support. Stronger than cancer, Kimber has battled cancer twice since four years old.

"It's definitely nice to be done with getting chemo every 21 days. Long weeks at the hospital," Mike Poindexter said, Kimber's father.

After battling Ewing's Sarcoma, a cancer that aggressively impacts the bones, and enduring several surgeries, Kimber has managed to strong through it all.

Kimber is excited to get back to her normal routine!

"Get to spend more time with our family and go back to school."

Her favorite subject is math and she’s thrilled to be reunited with her friends.

"I don’t even think I’ve seen my classmates for this year," Kimber tells News 3' s Leondra Head.

Kimber will start a new treatment in a pill format in the upcoming months that will be less straining on her body.

"She’s done with intravenous chemo through her port," Caitlin, Kimber's mother said. "But we’re still keeping my port just in case anything happens," Kimber said.

Her advice to anyone who has cancer:

"Try your hardest. Stay positive."

Below are the ways you can help Kimber and the rest of her family: