Community rallies behind local 8-year-old fighting cancer for a second time

Posted at 4:10 PM, Feb 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 12:51:24-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Every now and then 8-year-old Kimber Poindexter likes a little glitz and glam.

With her infectiously positive spirit, you wouldn't be able to tell that she's battling a lot more than meets the eye.

"Kimber was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma at four years old," said her Mom, Caitlin. "We did 9 months of chemo and she did a limb salvage surgery."

On Monday, which is exactly three years of Kimber being cancer free, she was getting a scheduled CT scan of her leg to determine how well her bone was healing post surgery.

"That night her doctor called me and told me that they found a mass on her leg. They found that she also has a mass in each lung, so we have a lot more testing to do. Hopefully it's not anywhere else," Caitlin said.

So before the trips to the hospital and chemotherapy begin again, the community is coming together for a second time to support the bright eyed 8-year-old.

"We're all just trying really, really hard to give her kinda of one last good day while things are still normal, if you will, and just celebrate that she is going to beat this," said Rachel Hall, who has been a family friend well-before Kimber was born.

She is also the main reason that Kimber spent the morning getting her make-up professionally done and hair dyed pink, blue and purple.

Hall is a hair stylist at Heirloom Salon in Virginia Beach and the salon agreed to open specially for Kimber.

"We're about to have to go through cancer again, have to cut it off anyway so we might as well just dye it while I can while it's still here on my head," Kimber said.

After the pampering came a small COVID-safe party where Kimber was most looking forward to eating pizza and playing with her friends.

Hall, who mainly organized the day said, "since we put the word out we've had about 50 or so local businesses volunteer food, sweets, and gift certificates for the family for while she's going through chemo. The biggest takeaway is that today is going to be a really great day for her but this is not going away after today. This is something that this family is going to need support and help with over weeks and months."

"[Accepting help was very difficult the first time around, but] accepting help was going to do nothing but help her and giver her all of her dreams and at the end of the day that's what matters most to her dad and I is that she's happy," said Caitlin. "We wouldn't have been able to do it without the help from everybody else."

Below are the ways you can help Kimber and the rest of her family: