Easter Bunny brings smiles from a safe distance during parade in Virginia Beach

Posted at 2:00 PM, Apr 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-12 09:04:49-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The Easter Bunny made her way to Virginia Beach on Saturday morning.

Decked out in a festive float, she handed out candy from a safe distance to neighborhood kids.

People in the community filled out a form requesting the Bunny stop by their home. After receiving all the submissions, the organizers planned out a route that worked best.

It took them hours, but they stopped by more than 10 streets and neighborhoods, bringing joy to each child they met.

"With the coronavirus that's going on, you know it's taken out a lot of the joy and fun that we have along the holidays, especially Easter," says organizer and the Easter Bunny's helper, Randy Perkins.

On Cheyenne Road, they also were able to participate in a virtual Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Civic League. Neighbors placed colorful eggs in their windows, on their doors or even in their yards. Kids were able to walk by, take a picture of what they found and sent it to Robin Wolfe.

"[The virtual Easter egg hunt and the Easter bunny] coming out here, it's just going to lighten up [the kids'] days," Wolfe says.

The Easter Bunny also plans on making her way through neighborhoods on Sunday. For more information check out their Facebook page.