Police seek tips after 'confrontations' at Lee statue during 'Trump Train' in Richmond

Police: 'Confrontations with individuals at the circle ensued'
Posted at 1:57 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 13:57:59-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- Police are seeking photos and videos from the public after "confrontations" when a "Trump Train" parade drove along Richmond's Monument Avenue Sunday afternoon.

"The mobile rally drove to the Lee Monument circle at Monument and Allen avenues and confrontations with individuals at the circle ensued," police said.

Jody Adams was at the Lee Circle on Sunday, he says as soon as the caravan came, their flags were ripped .

That is when some of the "Trump Train" vehicles crossed into grassy medians near the area, according to police.

"I saw Trump supporters chasing the people with their flags," said Adams. " I saw a gun drawn yesterday, yea the guy had his gun out, he wasn't pointing it but he had it out. He upholstered his gun and there's another guy that had a weapon and he said if you don't put that away I'm drawing mine."

Mike Dickinson is the organizer of the "Trump Train" and is also running for 1st District City council in Richmond. He says the violence that took place was not intentional.

"It was not set to be a violent event but they brought the violence to us ," said Dickinson " We went through Western Henrico and the West End of Richmond down Patterson to Monument and it was all good until we got right to the Lee monument."

Officials said a woman at the circle told police she was pepper sprayed "by an unknown individual from a vehicle" at 4:18 p.m.

Police said officers were called to Monument Avenue near the Lee circle to investigate a report of an unoccupied vehicle hit by gunfire just before the pepper spray report.

"I think they came to this specific location to antagonize, the people that were here. They know who's here and they know what this means to the people who have reclaimed this space," said Adams.

"No other injuries were reported to the Richmond Police Department, a police department spokesperson said. "Officers responded to clear the area and investigate the assault."

Police said the intersection at Monument Avenue and Meadow Street, Monument Avenue and Lombardy Street, Park Avenue and Allen Avenue, West Grace Street and Allen Avenue are closed to traffic.

"Once normal traffic condition resume the community will be notified. Local traffic and emergency vehicles will be able to travel through the area," police said. "Officers will maintain a presence and monitoring conditions in the area throughout the night."

Anyone with information about injuries, or video or photos of people and vehicles involved is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.