Elizabeth City Pasquotank School Board approves virtual learning for students with medical reasons

Posted at 11:40 PM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 09:28:16-04

ELIZABETH CITY, Va - The Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public School district voted unanimously Thursday night to only have a virtual learning option available to students with medical documentation and a doctor's note.

The school board says they considered the option to have virtual learning available to all students because parents asked for it.

“A lot of parents requested it. They didn’t necessarily have medical documentation. We were trying to fulfill the wishes of these parents,” Dr. Eddie Ingram, the superintendent of Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public Schools, said.

But the district just didn’t have enough resources available to provide a virtual learning option to all students.

"While a great deal of time was invested into determining how an extended virtual plan can be implemented into staffing, we must share that we don’t have adequate staff to provide this opportunity at this time," Ingram said.

"We cast a wide net, as Dr. Ingram mentioned, and we asked for some virtual teachers to apply. We just didn’t get the interest we thought we would," Dr. Amy Spencer, Chief Academic Officer for Elizabeth City Pasquotank Public Schools, said.

The board will not approve a virtual learning option for students who do not qualify for medical reasons.