February is Heart Month: Celebrating by learning CPR

Posted at 5:42 AM, Feb 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-17 08:40:51-05

It's a simple technique...that's proven to save lives.

February is Heart Month and to celebrate, electric signs around Hampton Roads are promoting CPR, which can be used to keep someone alive when they're in cardiac arrest.

"Training is so critical and it’s easy. CPR saves lives, but CPR is a simple, simple lifesaving mechanism that if we had people in our community to have that training, we would make a difference in people’s lives very quickly," said Michelle Ellis Young, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Coastal Virginia.

The Red Cross offers CPR certification classes throughout the year. Click HERE for more information.

The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad also offers free CPR training on a monthly basis and it's open to everyone.

VBVRS Director of Operations Brian Abeyta says CPR helps move blood through a person's body when an arresting heart is unable to do so, which keeps other organs functioning until more help arrives.

"For every minute that CPR is not done, their survival rate drops ten percent," he told News 3.

Abeyta gave News 3 Reporter Anthony Sabella a brief CPR lesson on a manikin inside WTKR studios.

For information about VBVRS CPR classes, click HERE.