Gathering for Thanksgiving? Local doctor weighs in on how to keep it safe

Posted at 6:30 AM, Nov 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-16 10:46:37-05

The timing couldn't be much worse.

Holidays highlighted by family gatherings are right around the corner, just as COVID-19 is surging once again.

The Centers for Disease Control says the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020 is strictly with the people in your household.

You can even fire up Zoom or another video chat app to have a virtual gathering with extended members of the family.

For those who still plan to host people at the house or travel to visit others, News 3 Medical Expert Dr. Ryan Light says the preparation should have already started.

"We're in that 14-day window," he said. "What's going to happen if you limit your exposure to the outside community is it'll be a [much safer] party coming together from separate households."

That means washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, social distancing and avoiding any unnecessary contact.

Keep that mask on for Thanksgiving Day and stick to single-use plates, plasticware and condiments.

"Having one person prepare the food so that not everybody's there. Not having potlucks, not having buffets where everybody is going through the line. Those things help as well," said Dr. Light.

If the weather cooperates, maybe it's time to consider an outdoor gathering.

"There's better ventilation. There's less risk to spread that way," said Dr. Light.

And ventilation is key, he tells News 3. If your gathering is indoors, open a few windows or Dr. Light suggests even have your air conditioning running.

Click HERE for a full list of suggestions from the CDC on how to keep your Thanksgiving gathering as safe as possible.