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Portsmouth woman creates #KeepVaWarmInitiative

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Posted at 2:40 PM, Jan 16, 2021

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Passing out jackets and toiletries to people without a home isn't how most people would spend their Saturday, but Katrinia Freeman isn't like most.

"I don’t know what I want to do, but I know that people are cold, people are hungry and there aren't resources. So I said 'let's combine our resources and go out and help' and that's what we did," said Freeman. "I've been blessed to work for a homeless shelter. I've been working with the homeless community for over 10 years and I have done a lot of training to be able to be a homeless advocate."

Freeman recently founded the #KeepVaWarmInitiative where she and volunteers collect anything that would be useful to someone without a home.

"Everybody who wants to help thinks that they need to do something big, something huge and that’s not necessarily true. Any small thing adds up to something big," said volunteer, Marie Lofton.

That effort is big enough to help people in all seven cities. So far the ladies have given out over 200 bags and each one is a blessing for someone in the community.

"Well, their eyes light up. Their eyes light up I mean they are so appreciative and so thankful mean and they look for you to come back," said volunteer, Shinelle Whitaker.

If you have the means to help, even in the middle of the pandemic, they're always looking for donations.

"Go through your closet any scarves that you have, you know, we will definitely take it. We will clean them, wash them or whatever needs to be done, sanitize them and will put it right back into our community," Freeman said.

If you would like do donate you can do so by contacting Katrinia Freeman directly Facebook or going to the KeepVaWarm Facebook page. Freeman said you also donate via Cash App: $Modelkatt and PayPal: