Grandfather of 2 children under 6-years-old shot in Chesapeake speaks out

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Posted at 9:08 PM, Apr 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-26 15:52:20-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Sunday night family members and neighbors spoke out on a recent triple shooting in Chesapeake that left two kids under 6-years-old injured.

The grandfather of the two children who were shot tells News 3 that the man who was the third victim shot, is the children's father.

Gregory Lamb, grandfather of the children shot said, "I'm feeling pretty shook up you know what I mean my grandkids got shot and it really bothers me."

Gregory Lamb said he was not home when the shooting on Schooner Trail took place, but he can't escape the memory of it. Right where he lives, there's broken glass and bullet holes.

"People riding around shooting for no apparent reason shooting up people's cars and stuff they don't care who's outside and it's really bad," said Lamb.

As the family still searches for answers, they're just glad they're not planning a funeral. According to police, the 2-year-old victim is now at home, and the 5-year-old is still in the hospital in stable condition.

He did not give any updates on the adult’s condition or on the search for suspects.

"They could've took my grandkids' life and they could've took my son in laws life, you know. This is serious stuff it could've got my daughter too, you never know or somebody else involved. My other grand kids was across the street, they could've got hit as well," said Lamb.

Right across the street one neighbor who did not want to show his face or share his name because of safety reasons, said he heard gunshots and ran outside to see what happened.

"I heard my neighbor hollering that her babies got shot and I went there and saw what I can do to help," said the neighbor.

"She was asking officers to help her, help her, but then nobody moved and I took the shirt off my back and helped," said the neighbor.

The neighbor's truck was also caught in the crossfire.

"It broke my window, shot at my window. I pulled that slug out and it went through here and it stopped right there."

The children's grandfather is calling for the suspects involved to turn themselves in.

"I don't want to have any personal conversations with them but I want to see justice done you know," said Lamb.

Police are still working to find out what led up to the shooting, and they're asking for your help with identifying those who were involved. If you have any information you can call the crime line at 1-888-LOCK-U-Up.