Virginia Beach church continues to collect supplies for war-torn Ukraine

Ukraine Supplies
Posted at 4:45 PM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 20:09:49-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - As the war in Ukraine continues, the headlines are heartbreaking for everyone, but especially for those with loved ones in the country. Thousands have been killed, some have encountered sexual assaults, and many people are trying to flee danger as the war continues.

Right now, people in the Hampton Roads region continue to collect needed supplies for Ukraine. One Virginia Beach-based church, Our Savior Lutheran Church located at 4200 Shore Drive, is a drop-off location for supplies in an effort to help those who are suffering thousands of miles across the world.

A room inside the church has been converted into a place to store and organize donations. Organizers have collected everything from medical supplies, clothes, stuff for kids, diapers, blankets and even 50 pairs of military boots.

The boxes are being loaded up Tuesday and driven to New Jersey by volunteers, where they will then either be flown or shipped on a boat to Ukraine.

Since the war began, the director of the Tidewater Ukrainian Church, Tetiana Ordono, has been working to organize efforts here in our area. With family living in the war-torn country, she said she feels helpless at times and is glad to help with the donation efforts.

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“Immediately, we realized that we were in huge trouble, that our motherland is in huge trouble. I personally have my parents there, my sister, my nephew. Luckily, they’re alive,” Ordono said.

Ordono said many different people have been helping with the volunteer efforts including Russians. She herself is 1/8 Russian, and said it’s horrible to watch the vicious attacks unfolding in her home country.

She hopes more aid, relief and help will be offered by the United States and other countries as the attacks continue.

“Sometimes we feel helpless because we cannot be there, we cannot literally stand up for our country physically,” Ordono said.

She said she personally believes that God has put her here to organize the relief efforts as a way to help the overall efforts.

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