Hair getting unruly in quarantine? Here are tips from the experts

Posted at 11:52 AM, May 01, 2020

NORFOLK, Va. - The longer the doors at AOC Salon stay closed, the longer your hair and roots get.

Social media has become a hot spot for people to share pictures and videos experimenting with DIY hair-coloring and even breaking out the scissors to trim a few inches.

While there are actions that can be taken at home, experts say not everything should be taken into your own hands. In fact, without proper training, some hair care can be very dangerous for an individual.

When it comes to cutting your own hair, Dalbe Markman, owner of AOC Salon, says the best thing you can do is just wait even if your hair does get unruly. She says cutting hair is the hardest thing that is taught in the industry and she doesn't want anyone poking out their eye or snipping off a piece of their ear.

"It requires practiced skills, accuracy, and understanding balance with all facial features and bone structures," she says. "[If it's done the wrong way], then you’re more depressed than you were before it started."

Markman says right now it may feel uncomfortable to have your hair at its current length, but for men, an alternative to getting it out of your face is to use gel. It's an easy way to control the hair around the ears, which is generally a concern for people with shorter hair.

If you can't resist grooming while in quarantine, Markman says a person can buzz the hair.

"Pick a number like four or four and a half, maybe three - start with the larger guard if you’re adamant on buzzing it completely off. There’s no way that they can fade it up unless they're a talented stylist."

For women, she suggests using hair ties, clips, bobby pins and headbands to tie back unruly hair. Another alternative could be to use a smaller curling iron because that will make tighter curls.

For anyone that is concerned about roots coming in or gray hairs making an unnecessary debut, Markman suggests temporary color cover-up sprays that come in an aerosol form. Most wash out in the shower and are perfect for daily touch-ups.

If you are a redhead or have darker hair, Markman says bronzers or even eye shadows can fill in the gaps. You'll just need to make sure you use a lot and then cover the target area with hairspray.

For blondes with naturally dark hair, covering up the roots can be a little more difficult. Markman doesn't recommend using any box dye from the store, but instead changing your part, adding a poof to the front of your head or braiding/twisting your bangs.

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"Once you start going down the path of using box color that just means when you go back to the shop it will take longer to put you back together as far as your roots," she says.

It may not be the answer everyone wants to hear, but she says it's best for the long-term care of your hair.

For those asking when AOC salon will be open again, Markman doesn't have an answer. They are watching what happens every day with the virus and plan to err on the side of caution to keep their employees and customers safe.

"Our salon is our family. This definitely is a job, but it’s a passion and I can’t have my stylists walk in the door and feeling fear," she says.

As they look towards the future, Markman says at both salon locations in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, they have been ordering personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees and plan to take their temperatures when they report for work.

Having salons closed has been a major stressor for a lot of people, but Markman says there is a silver lining.

"I think the best part about this is that every hairstylist will be so appreciated after this."

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