Newport News man featured on Red Table Talk for massive weight loss

Brix Glover Red Table Talk.jpg
Posted at 5:31 AM, Dec 04, 2020

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - A Newport News man who’s inspired millions with his massive weight loss journey has earned a seat at the table – the red table.

Robert “Brix” Glover shared his story with Jada Pinkett Smith on the Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk. The episode featuring Glover and several others with inspirational transformations premiered this week on Facebook.

“It was an amazing feeling to be celebrated like that by these folks,” Glover said. “It was surreal.”

Brix said nearly eight years ago, he weighed over 360 pounds. He leaned on food as a coping mechanism during a bout of depression following his divorce from his children’s mother.

“I was feeling like a failure. I even thought about ending it all,” he explained on the show.

“Being depressed, and dealing with anxiety and having suicidal thoughts. Like, I wrestled with that for months,” he shared with News 3 This Morning anchor Jessica Larche.

Glover said in March 2013, something clicked.

“I had to make a decision. I was either going to take my life or do something to take control of it,” he said.

Glover took action for his health and documented the ups and downs of his journey on social media. As he reached his 150-pound weight loss milestone, he gained the support of millions of viewers onhis YouTube channel. He said that’s where producers from Red Table Talk learned about his story.

“About two months ago they reached out to me via email,” he explained. “There were probably three phone conversations with different producers. And one morning they called me and asked if I could fly out the next day!”

Glover said the show staff and hosts followed COVID-19 safety protocols. Everyone tested negative before taking a seat at the table.

“They did a great job of making us all feel really comfortable,” Glover said. “They had a really genuine energy about them. Jada is the real deal.”

As Glover shared on the show, meditation helped him unravel his toxic relationship with food over time. He said the journey, especially in the beginning, was a bumpy ride.

“I gained 50 pounds, 60 pounds, several times during the first two years of my weight loss journey,” he explained. “I didn’t stop failing. I just stopped quitting. I definitely continued to fail. I just never gave up after that, and I’m still on that journey.”

Glover said he encourages anyone struggling with their health to be kind to themselves and take it one day at a time.

“Make it about self-love,” he stressed.

Glover has turned his passion into purpose, working as a health coach online.