'I was hoping everybody was alright': Good Samaritans help Chesapeake family after scare with black ice

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Posted at 6:30 PM, Jan 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-21 18:30:14-05

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Black ice is one of the most dangerous road conditions we see during a winter storm, and it's become a reality for drivers in Chesapeake. One family had a dangerous encounter with the invisible ice Friday.

A nightmare turned into a reality when a passenger told News 3 reporter Penny Kmitt he was taking a nap when the driver of the car he was in ran into black ice on the road, skidding off and running into a ditch, leaving the vehicle stuck in two feet of water.

“I was sleeping and I woke up very scared,” recounted John, who didn’t want to show his face on camera.

He says he and his dad had a terrifying encounter with black ice.

John was napping when his dad lost control of the wheel. A few moments later, John woke up to his dad screaming.

“When I woke up, I heard my dad screaming my name. I was very scared,” he said.

But Good Samaritans alleviated that fear, with many community members stopping by and offering their help.

"I was hoping everybody was alright - that was my main concern. That's why I stopped to make sure everyone was alright. That's why I said, ‘Y’all need some help? I got a truck that will come pull that out,” said Oliver Felton.

Felton works at a nearby farm. But on days like today, he says he ditches the crops and drives his tractor around helping people who get stuck in the snow.

“It'll pull a lot of things out. It will pull a bus out if it has to, ya know!” he said.

John, his father and a coworker who stopped by to help spent two hours pulling the car out of the ditch.

John and his father were dressed for work, having no clue they would spend hours outside in the freezing cold.

It’s a reminder that in weather like this, it's always important to have extra clothes, hats and gloves in your car.

AAA says if you do encounter black ice, control the skid. Avoid stepping on either the gas or brakes, and if you do start skidding, make sure to keep the steering wheel straight.

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Now that the car is out of the ditch, we asked them if they were going to make it to work. They said they were going to call it quits for the day, and now, their next steps are just making sure their car gets fixed.

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