Jen Kiggans says Democrats should be 'concerned and afraid' heading into November

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Posted at 1:39 PM, Jun 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-22 21:00:49-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Jen Kiggans told News 3 Democrats should be "concerned and afraid" Wednesday morning followingher GOP primary win in Virginia's second congressional district.

"It will still be a contentious seat, a top five race in the country for the Republican Party. We'll put in the work and we're excited to work hard to flip the seat," she said.

Kiggans beat three others to win the nomination and will face Democratic incumbent Elaine Luria in the fall. The district includes the Eastern Shore, Virginia Beach, parts of Chesapeake, Suffolk and communities to the west.

Kiggans believes issues like gas prices and inflation will be on voters' minds this fall.

"It's going to be a referendum on the Joe Biden administration and the disastrous policies that have been put in place," she said.

Luria's campaign manager, Kate Fegley, released a statement about the election on Tuesday night, calling Kiggans a "political opportunist" and "election denier."

News 3 asked Kiggans for her response.

"I think it's going to be crazy from now until November. I mean, there will be so much misinformation out there," she said. "That will be my job, you know - to inform voters about who I am as a person, as a Navy veteran, as a mom, as nurse practitioner, as state senator."

On the "election denier" point, News 3 asked Kiggans whether she denies Joe Biden won in 2020.

"I'll say this - Joe Biden lives in the White House, and I wish that he didn't," she responded, adding voters are focused on economic issues and not the January 6 Committee, of which Luria is a member.

Earlier this year, Kiggans voted to support a $70 million Senate budget amendment for the Dept. of Elections to forensically audit the 2020 election results. The amendment was not approved.

News 3 asked Kiggans whether her vote for the amendment was an indication she doesn't think the 2020 election was fair.

"I'll say this about election integrity - it's always been a priority of mine," she said, adding a bill she sponsored passed in the General Assembly to clean up voter rolls.

"A goal of mine is to restore voter confidence. Our election process is a cornerstone of our democracy. We've got to make sure we prioritize that," she said.