Many roads clear, but spots of black ice seen in Virginia Beach Sunday morning

Posted at 10:10 AM, Jan 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-30 20:52:08-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - By Sunday morning, many of the Virginia Beach-area roads were clear of snow, but there were certain side streets where there was black ice.

Louis DiGirolamo was up early delivering food to the Bayside Laundry and Grill off Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.

"Compared to last week's storm, these were a lot better, but it was less snow," DiGirolamo said.

He said he is not a fan of the snow.

"We’re not used to the snow. The traffic gets bad, and you hate to see the accidents on there," DiGirolamo said.

Virginia Department of Transportation crews were out all this weekend. According to VDOT, the department had about 300 trucks deployed, using about 60,000 gallons of brine to treat the roads.

Originally, the Hampton Roads district was slated for a budget of $6.7 million, but it spent about $10.5 million on last weekend's storm.

That’s not including the money spent this weekend, as those numbers are still being tallied up.

Lindsay Denietolis is a VDOT senior communications specialist. She said making changes to the budget is an ongoing process throughout the entire winter season.

Denietolis said the department uses data from previous years to make estimates on how much each district will be given, but also said those early budgets are subject to change depending on the amount of snow the region gets.

"It's ever-evolving and ever-changing. There are different ways that money gets moved around. There is no one singular way," Denietolis said. "These additional costs can come from the overall maintenance budget. We will always spend what is needed to maintain the roads in a safe condition, regardless of the initial budget."

DiGirolamo said he hopes we are done with the snow.

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"It’s just a pain driving in it," he said.

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