Masks Now coalition making homemade masks, asking for volunteers

Posted at 3:02 PM, Apr 03, 2020

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - People in Hampton Roads are taking action, joining others around the country making masks to help with shortages. One Virginia Beach woman showed News 3 how she's helping out right from her home.

"I just always want to help people," Adrienne Angeles said.

Since mid-March, Angeles has been busy at her home with a passion for helping others with a needle and thread.

"My parents taught me how to sew," Angeles said. "I just fell in love with sewing."

Lately, she has turned her focus toward masks. So far, she has made more than 200 masks for local hospitals and others around the community as part of the Masks Now coalition.

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The group consists of volunteers in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, making masks with materials within their own home.

"I had like a queen-sized duvet, and it ended up making 52 masks," Angeles said. "It makes me feel good as a person that I'm providing something. Even though I can't be out there in hospitals, I'm still providing some sort of protection for everybody."

Masks Now national spokesperson Grant Stern told News 3 their coalition has more than 3,000 volunteers making non-medical masks to address supply, while trying to stop the spread and help workers on the front lines.

"It's replacing all of the other masks, the other circumstances where people are using medical masks where they don't need one," Stern said. "There are dentists, there are veterinarians, there are mental health clinics, aging clinics, ALS, doctors offices, community health centers - all of them need basic masks."

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For Angeles, she hopes others will join the cause that, for her, has become a labor of love and a mission to help keep others healthy.

"People have talents, and this is the time to use your talents to help out," Angeles said.

Angeles told News 3 her goal is to make 1,000 masks.

Stern said anyone can volunteer with the coalition. For more information, click here.

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