Maury High School moms organizing '757 Prom' for 2020-21 seniors

757 Prom.png
Posted at 2:29 PM, Jun 16, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - Maury High School senior Gabriella Gonzalez became part of the Class of 2021, walking across the stage at the Chartway Arena on Tuesday.

It was a strange year for her and other seniors who have been glued to a computer and socially isolated.

"Kind of a disappointing senior year," she said.

A year filled with so many cancellations, no pep rallies, no senior picnics to celebrate the end of the year because of COVID-19, and another milestone lost - senior prom.

"Many of these students are thinking, 'We made it... forget it. Let's turn the corner; let's move on,'" said Gabriella's mother, Barbara Blake Gonzalez.

But not so fast. Barbara, as well as Dawn Peters, another Maury High mother, said these kids who have overcome a tumultuous year deserve to have the same memories as the classes before them.

"We need them to know how wonderful they did. They killed it; they struggled and they persevered," said Blake Gonzalez.

They have organized the 757 Prom. Any Hampton Roads senior from the Class of 2020 or 2021 can come and experience a bit of normalcy, fun and friends.

"We will have food, drinks, DJ, dancing - all the celebrations and makings of a typical prom," said Blake Gonzalez.

The event will be held next Friday, June 25, at Grand Affairs on Pleasures House Road in Virginia Beach. Tickets are $50, which includes all the food, drinks and fun.

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"I am excited to party, to talk with friends and chat without the outside world affecting it all," said Gabriella Gonzalez.

Organizers need to sell 100 tickets by this Friday to ensure the event is a go. To purchase a ticket, click here.