Hometown hero shares experience from Officer Candidate School

Posted at 1:53 PM, Dec 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-30 09:13:47-05

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - Even in tough times there's always the few that come forward. Officer Candidate, Daniel Town is one of them.

"I definitely think that we are all proud to be here and are proud to represent America and will do whatever it takes to keep our country safe," he said.

Growing up in Williamsburg and graduating from Jamestown High School, OC Town has his sights set on a new goal.

Like many before him, OC Town is working his way through the Navy's Officer Candidate School in Newport Rhode Island. It's a morally, mentally and physically demanding 13-week program.

"The first three weeks are our indoctrination phase where it's really strict on military indoctrination and physical fitness. The second phase, which is the academic phase, is six weeks and you learn about different engine systems, weapon systems, naval history as well as how to plot charts and navigate ships on the ocean. And then the third phase, which is the phase that I'm currently in, is the applied leadership phase. So you're taking all the leadership skills that you have learned while you're here and learning how to use them so you become an effective leader," he said.

Officer Training Command, Newport (OTCN) graduates about 3,400 officers each year. OTCN also annually trains approximately 66% of all U.S. Naval Officers and commissions 45% of all line officers through four programs.

  • Officer Candidate School – 13 weeks
  • Naval Science Institute: Seaman to Admiral – eight weeks
  • Officer Development School – five weeks
  • Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer Academy – four weeks

Even though his family is more than 500 miles away they say that they're really thankful for the phone calls and FaceTimes, especially during the holidays.

His father Jim said, "We FaceTimed over Thanksgiving. We actually FaceTimed with him this past weekend for Christmas and we're looking forward to FaceTiming him this coming weekend."

In a phone interview with News 3, his wife Ashley said she couldn't be more proud "if someone told him he couldn't do it his response was, 'yes I can.' So I think he takes that with him everyday and brings a positive attitude no matter what the situation is."

With his eyes set on flight school in Pensacola next, OC Town said he is thankful for how much he has grown so far. He said, "the biggest takeaway from OCS, beside the leadership skills, are they companions and friends that I've made here. Without them I definitely wouldn't have gotten to where I am today."